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We're helping empower young adults. Wanna help?

Volunteers Needed

Teen Advisors

Want to help us make TeenThrive slamming and get community service credits? We're seeking teen advisers who can help us make the hottest go-to website for young adults who want to make a difference and do good stuff. Show us how we can make our site easier to use, and/or offer more valuable content, and you can earn points that you can can cash in for cool prizes.  Click here to contact us and find out more information.

Adult Partners

Interested in helping teens succeed with their Do Good Stuff ventures? If you'd like to advise teenagers and connect them to resources to help their projects thrive, then click here to contact us .

Alliances Program

Family Thrive is seeking organizations to join our alliance program and help us empower "Sustainably Minded Teens." The Family Thrive Alliance program is a cross referral system designed to facilitate direct dialogue with families and teens who are striving to improve the planet and life for its inhabitants. If you're interested in learning more , then click here to contact us .

Feel free to contact us and share with us your ideas on how you would like to help!




Earth Fest Quotes

“The future is in the hands of the teens right now, and it's important to educate them,” said Sam Adelson, 19, from CSUMB. “The planet is sick and we need to try our hardest to be sustainable in our practices every day.”
“I've never made biodiesel (fuel) before,” said Robert Hernandez, 14, of Salinas High School. “I like chemistry and this is very interesting.”
“I'm having fun,” said Ian Jones, 16, from Gilroy High School as he helped build a model solar car.  “Solar power is totally realistic for real cars. I really believe it will work.”