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FamilyThrive Charter


Empowering the next generation of conscious leaders.

We believe that all youth have leadership potential, and can make a positive impact on their world. We will empower the worthy hands of our youth to engage in hands-on projects that help them become part of a global family working for the common good.  We will be innovators in inspiring youth to become leaders, project planners, and multi media savy collaborators.  Skills that will empower youth to change the world, thrive educationally and procur the jobs of the 21st century.

We will leverage the power of on-line social networking & community building by harnessing the Internet as an agent of change empowering youth to take action offline. Since change begins at home, FamilyThrive's on-line community platform brings together families & youth to "Do Good Stuff" ventures, thus strengthening families as well as youth's ability to create a positive future.

The change that needs to take place to save our planet in the 21st century has to come not only from the Not-For-Profit sector but be built from the bottom up in a new breed of corporations that focus on people and the planet before profit.   FamilyThrive will be a model of this new breed of corporation and be the impetus for the creation of thousands of more corporations modeled after FamilyThrive.


By maximizing social networking tools and offering fun incentives, we will use on-line environments as a connecting tool to build action driven communities off-line.


What is it that calls to you deep inside?  Are you honoring your internal voice and trusting that the outcome will happen even if you don't have all the answers? Doing big things doesn't mean you'll have it all figured out at the beginning... it's about having a belief that what you are doing is the right thing and, even though every bone in your body says you should play it safe, you take a scary leap into being an entrepreneur anyway.


Nothing in life is worth doing unless you are passionate about doing it.  Life is too short to be doing stuff that you are not jazzed about doing.  Find your passion and you will fly.  "Find something you love to do and you will never have to work a day in your life." - Harvey Mackay, author.


Having the belief in yourself to execute your purpose and passion against tremendous odds while remembering to honor others and build bridges and the discipline to get back on the horse when you fall down.   Know you will have bad days where you want to give up and that the next day may be the best day of your life.  Know that you will be scared and fearful and do it anyway.   The bravest leaders are the ones who overcome their fear and do it anyway.

Passion keeps you in the game, Persistence ensures you win! - Robert Franklin, Chief Webolutionary


We believe that only when people connect is change possible.  We honor each person, their values and passions.  We facilitate the building of vibrant, sustainable, and healthy on-line and off-line communities in action.


We must be innovative in how we choose, use, and replace planetary resources. Our youth are the Earth's stewards, and are helping to restore its ecosystems back to health, ensuring that it can sustain and nourish all life for generations to come.


Profit is bigger than making money. It is an outcome of stewarding social and ecological systems.

We believe that corporations can be just as profitable by focusing on people and the planet before profit.  Teens have the power now to change the world. Soon they will be managing today's corporations.  We strive to raise the level of awareness in youth by helping them become conscious of their present purchasing and future business decisions.  Raising awareness of teens today will help shape tomorrow's leaders.


Provide the incentives and the environment to empower teens to become social entrepreneurs.

Bring diverse groups of people together on-line to facilitate taking action that positively impacts people and planet off-line.

Build communities that are just, participatory, sustainable, and peaceful.




Earth Fest Quotes

“The future is in the hands of the teens right now, and it's important to educate them,” said Sam Adelson, 19, from CSUMB. “The planet is sick and we need to try our hardest to be sustainable in our practices every day.”
“I've never made biodiesel (fuel) before,” said Robert Hernandez, 14, of Salinas High School. “I like chemistry and this is very interesting.”
“I'm having fun,” said Ian Jones, 16, from Gilroy High School as he helped build a model solar car.  “Solar power is totally realistic for real cars. I really believe it will work.”