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FamilyThrive is a fast track company that operates on a hybrid model of entrepreneurship and social change. Located inside the Marina Technology Cluster---an innovative technology incubator on the edge of Central California's Monterey Bay---FamilyThrive is the umbrella company for several on-line social networking communities embracing families, parents, teenagers, college students, seniors and children.  Funded through sponsorships and targeted advertising, FamilyThrive serves as an example of a creatively funded socially-beneficial enterprise.


What Are We Up To?

  • FamilyThrive provides an on-line destination that facilitates families and young adults in realizing their goals of doing good stuff---implementing ventures to improve the health of the planet and make life better for its inhabitants. Family Thrive provides social entrepreneurs with the tools, resources, information, and connections they need to put their ventures into action.
  • FamilyThrive creates a "hub" where like-minded organizations can join together and share their information, experience and expertise with individuals and groups creating beneficial programs for families and young adults.
  • Family Thrive provides a portal to businesses and agencies who are interested in introducing themselves to, and forging relationships with, tomorrow's conscious leaders.


  • Family Thrive's first social network is, an on-line resource where teenagers can access the tools, information, and inspiration to launch their own "Good Stuff" ventures.
  • TeenThrive offers young adults incentives to get involved. Members can earn educational credits, compete for college scholarships, or win exciting rewards, such as adventure vacations, concert tickets, and other prizes.
  • TeenThrive also serves as a social network, where members can share their ideas and projects with other like-minded teens around the world.
  • TeenThrive provides members with a unique opportunity to interface with Business, Education, and Government leaders.




Earth Fest Quotes

“The future is in the hands of the teens right now, and it's important to educate them,” said Sam Adelson, 19, from CSUMB. “The planet is sick and we need to try our hardest to be sustainable in our practices every day.”
“I've never made biodiesel (fuel) before,” said Robert Hernandez, 14, of Salinas High School. “I like chemistry and this is very interesting.”
“I'm having fun,” said Ian Jones, 16, from Gilroy High School as he helped build a model solar car.  “Solar power is totally realistic for real cars. I really believe it will work.”